The info below is meant for Vendors of the Jesselton Artisan Market 2024 only. Please do not circulate to others.

1.0 – The Basics

  1. F & B Booths are semi outdoors on the deck. Art & merchandise booths are indoors.
  2. Each booth has 1 table with table cloth and 2 chairs. Feel free to bring along your own chairs, tables and racks as long as they fit within the allocated space and do not block your neighboring booth.

2.0 Booth Floor Plan

Floor plan > Refer to Whatsapp Docs
Booth listing > Booth Listing

2.01 Tables & Chairs

Merchandise Vendors will be provided with the following :
– 1x Booth space (8ft x 6ft) (width x depth)
– 1x Table (6ft x 2ft), table cloth provided (width x depth)
– 2x Chairs
– power supply

F&B Vendors will be provided with the following :
– 1x Booth space (6ft x 7ft) (width x depth)
– 1x Table (6ft x 2ft), table cloth provided (width x depth)
– 2x Chairs
– power supply
– Vendors will be placed under a 7ft x 6ft canopy.

3.0 Lighting / Display

The lighting inside Riverson can be quite dim, so we would encourage all indoor vendors to bring your own additional lighting to enhance your booth. Lighting will make a huge difference, and customers will be able to see your products clearly.

Please do put effort in ensuring a lovely experience for customers in your display. Use racks, small crates, shelves, deco items to create a visually pleasing shopping experience. Consider using height, instead of laying everything flat on the table.

Please indicate the price of the items clearly at your booth. If there is a range of pricing, you may put From RMxx – RMxx.

4.0 Electricity

There will be power sockets, but you will be sharing them with other vendors. Please bring your own long extension cords and multi-sockets.

Please take note to handle the power socket with care, if it is damaged or destroyed as informed by the management, the charges will be borne by vendors.

5.0 Setting up on Friday / Saturday

For those who want to setup the night before the market, you can do so after 2pm till 9pm on Friday. The tables and chairs should be ready by then.
The lights will be out at the mall by 9pm; the mall will be locked after that but it’s still at your own risk as the deck area is an open area.  We will not be held responsible for any damages/theft caused. We would advise to cover your items at the booth with a cloth, and put boxes under the table, covered by table cloth.

For those who want to setup on Saturday, you may setup from 8:00am onwards.

6.0 Storage

We have a unit for storage on First Floor B-1-23a, near CIMB escalator. You can place your items there at no additional charge on Friday night or Saturday night, first come first serve as space is VERY limited. The shutter will be locked, but please understand it’s at your own risk, and organiser will not be held responsible for any lost items.. Please let us  know if you would like to use the storage one day in advance.

7.0 Table-top Standee

We have very limited table top standees, as a lot of them are damaged. Please utilise the standee to hang lights, signages, decorations or other lightweight items. Kindly do not hang heavy items on it. Only removable masking tape may be used on the standee; no nailing, duct tape or permanent structure to be attached on it.

8.0 Parking 

We have vendor parking for free (limited to 30 vendors) outside at the open area right beside the main road before you turn into Riverson. It’s facing Sutera Avenue. We would encourage you to park there to free up some space for the visitors.

You can unload quickly at the main entrance or at loading bay (Domino’s area) and leave before 15mins as there is a grace period before the parking fee is charged, then you can proceed to the vendor parking outside.

All you have to do is press the Help button to talk to a personnel and mentioned that you are a JAM vendor and your brand name.


9.0 Punctuality

For those who are new (and old ones too), please be punctual to setup your booth. All booths must be setup and be ready for business by 9:30am. Also, all booths must be manned till 6pm. If you have sold out, please put a sign “SOLD OUT”, but please do not leave your booth empty. You may leave your fixtures and name cards there. You can be there to chat with potential customers and support fellow vendors.

In case you have to leave early or will be late due to an emergency, please inform Aaron or Chrystin earlier or we will have no choice but to blacklist you for being late for the next 2 markets, as mentioned in the T&C. The reason why we are so strict about punctuality is because empty booths make you guys (your brand, which you are working so hard to build) and the market look bad. So yeah, be punctual and no “Sabah time” please. Plan your time. And no, waking up late is not an emergency.

10.0 Cleanliness

  • Let’s be proactive as a team to ensure a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • We encourage wearing masks if you are unwell or still recovering, even though it is now optional.
  • If you will be touching your customers (eg for henna, facepainting, nails etc), please ensure that you sanitize your hands before and after doing so.
  • Food vendors, please sanitise your hands regularly too as you are handling food items. If you have your health certification cert / jab cert to show, please do so, to instill confidence in the customers. Do wear masks too if you are cooking or serving food.
  • Food vendors, if you are selling non-halal items like pork or F&B containing alcohol, please ensure there is a sign stating NON-HALAL clearly placed at your booth.

11.0 Unauthorised booth sharing

You are not allowed to share your booths with other brands unless they have registered and have been shortlisted beforehand. Any unauthorised booth sharing will result in blacklisting from our future events – you and your partner. Please also ensure that all items sold at your booth are created by you/your brand.

12.0 Promotions

If you have any promotions specially during JAM, please share with us so we can help you promote it as well. Please do tag us @jesseltonartisanmarket on your posts on social media especially IG Stories. You may also use the hashtag #jesseltonartisanmarket in your posts.

This is intended for vendors of JAM only. Please do not circulate.